Referring DVM and Pet Owners

VelVet Surgical Services is a traveling small animal surgical service, dedicated to provide high quality surgical care to your patients in the convenience of your hospital. Pet owners have opportunity to get competitive price quote for surgical procedure, choose convenient hospital location and book their appointment for surgery within 3-5 days for most cases. Email us and we will offer you multiple animal hospitals in your neighborhood VelVet serve.

We offer a large number of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, these services are provided in an elective as well as in emergency and time basis.

We have our own sterilized surgical equipment and supplies including gowns, drapes, general and orthopedic surgical instruments, suture, power tools, implants, and sterile surgical patient dressings.

Listed TTA surgeon with Kyon for Illinois and Northern Indiana. We also offer advanced LC-DCP plating for advanced fracture repair, and utilizes only top of the line orthopedic equipment and implants. Anterior cruciate repair, Femoral Head Osteotomy, Intramedullary pinning, Cerclages, Amputations, Patella Luxations as well as emergency soft tissue surgeries.

We take meticulous care in patient preparation and surgical room setup, as well as administers IV antibiotics to minimize risks of infection throughout the pre-surgical, surgical, and post-operative periods. I'm a strong advocate and believer in multi-modal comprehensive pain management for maximum patient comfort by combining various forms of analgesia administration including injections, local blocks, IV continuous infusions, anti inflammatories, and oral medications.

VelVet charges a surgical fee to the hospital that includes all services, implants, and surgical supplies, and the hospital can include this charge within regular hospital estimates alongside other related items to the client including anesthesia, monitoring, hospitalizaton, medications administered, bloodwork, radiographs, etc. Allowing additional hospital income that is normally lost when referring to a specialty facility is great opportunity for private businesses to offer complete services, minimizing patient discomfort during transfer, avoiding transport of unstable pets and providing convenience to owners, continuity of care and communication between doctors.

Comprehensive surgical instructions as well as reports and treatment plans will be provided to owners and general hospitals. This maintain a close relationship with patients and owners following procedures based on the needs of the patient.

All go home instructions will include our email in case of any urgent questions arise for peace of mind.

Referring hospitals and owners who would like more information, for a on-site visit by VelVet Surgical to discuss the process of collaborative care and more details on surgical services offered,inquire pricing can email us and we will provide business cell number for further direct communications.